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Code of Conduct

Escorts of DIstinction


1. Professionalism:

Maintain a high standard of professionalism at all times.
Treat all clients and colleagues with respect and courtesy.
Be punctual for appointments and adhere to agreed-upon schedules.

2. Confidentiality:

Respect the privacy and confidentiality of clients and the agency.
Never disclose personal information, contact details, or specific details about clients to anyone outside the agency.

3. Appearance and Hygiene:

Maintain good personal hygiene and grooming.
Dress appropriately for each appointment, as discussed with the client.

4. Consent and Boundaries:

Always obtain explicit and enthusiastic consent from clients for any activity.
Respect the personal boundaries and limits of both clients and yourself.

5. Substance Use:

Refrain from using drugs or excessive alcohol before or during appointments.
Do not engage in illegal activities or any activity that impairs your judgment.

6. Communication:

Maintain clear and open communication with the agency regarding your availability and any concerns.
Promptly respond to agency messages and client inquiries.

7. Discretion:

Avoid discussing the escort profession with individuals who are not part of the agency.
Do not use social media or personal websites to reveal your involvement with the agency.

9. Security and Safety:

Prioritise your personal safety and well-being in all situations.
Inform the agency immediately if you feel unsafe or encounter a potentially dangerous situation.

10. Honesty and Integrity: – Be honest and transparent in all interactions with clients, the agency, and colleagues. – Do not engage in fraudulent or deceitful activities.

11. Respect for Agency Policies: – Adhere to all agency policies and guidelines as outlined in the escort agreement. – Report any violations of agency policies or concerns promptly.

12. Client Courtesy: – Be attentive and considerate of clients’ desires and preferences. – Be a good listener and provide emotional support when needed.

13. Termination: – Understand that the agency may terminate the working relationship for breaches of this code of conduct or any other reason at the agency’s discretion.

Escorts of Distinction - Europes Premier Male Escort Agency
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