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Marcus Hughes

Escorts of Distinction

Escorts of Distinction - the UK's Premier Male Escort Agency
Contact Details
FB D'm: MarcushugeWest
5'7 - 5'12
Body Type
Hey there, I’m Marcus Hughes, a 32-year-old Bristolian through and through. By day, I’m a mild-mannered accountant, helping folks balance their books. But when the sun sets, I transform into a graffiti artist, bringing life to the city’s walls with vibrant and meaningful street art. Bristol’s underground art scene has been my canvas for years, and it’s a thrilling way to express myself. Skateboarding is my other passion; there’s something liberating about rolling through the city streets. I’ve got a penchant for exploring Bristol’s hidden alleys and cozy cafes, always seeking out the next creative inspiration. Life is an art form, and I’m living it to the fullest in my beloved Bristol.