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Thomas Conway-Gordon

Escorts of Distinction

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Hi there!

I’m Tom, I’m 46 and I live in London, where I was ‘born and bred’.

I’ve been lucky enough to have lived in East Africa at the turn of the century and I spent my 30’s living in the UAE. I’ve since returned to London, where I am a public relations and reputation consultant working for myself.

I love travelling and seeing the world and have just returned from three weeks in the Himalayas, where I spent my birthday climbing to the summit of a 6,119m peak. Certainly beats celebrating in the pub!

On the less adventurous/closer to home side, I enjoy live music, art exhibitions and long walks in leafy parks or by the river. I love to dress up for a special occasion, be it for a night at the theatre, a smart dinner or a black-tie gala.

I’m well-mannered and am always curious to learn about things from new people.  I have plenty travel stories to tell when given the opportunity but am also self-deprecating. Like all of us, I have two ears and one mouth and tend to use them in that ratio. I’m confident, gregarious and enjoy making people laugh and putting them at ease in my presence. My female friends would say I’m a gentleman, while my male friends would say I’m loyal, reliable and occasionally pretty funny.

I’d welcome the opportunity to be your companion!